Video C.V.

In a highly competitive commercial world, employers look for graduates not only with academic excellence but also with various skills essential to working in the Business World, including but not limited to strong interpersonal skills, presentation skills, analytical skills, a spirit of teamwork and professional image.

Finding a Good Career Match and Building Your Credentials

Picking a career path is a crucial moment, and it's important that the line of work you choose is well-tailored to your Candidates talents and personality. Of course, you're not the only one making an investment in the future of the students. Employees are the costliest part of doing business, and most companies have become extremely selective hirers in a climate where the stakes of choosing the wrong person are especially high.

What is a video introduction?

A video introduction is a short video created by a candidate that describes the individual's education, experience, skills and qualifications. A video of this type can be used when applying for an internship, and is typically a supplement to a traditional resume.